Media Interactiva is a leader in educational software and instructional design.

We have more than 15 years of experience building training paths through technology. We have developed an evaluation platform (PTS) and a tool to create practice tests to optimize training systems based on procedural practices (perform actions), customized for students based on their learning progress.

The platform offers managers ample control over the training process to improve the training experience for both their instructors and their students.

Our achievements speak for themselves


Creator of PTS Platform, used by Microsoft and the United States Department of Defense.

Owner of MeasureUp, leading provider of practice tests endorsed by Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and CompTIA.

Cofounder of CertificacionesTIC along with the Bilbao Chamber of Commerce.



Media Interactiva & Unicef

Media Interactiva, whose priority is education, collaborates with the Spanish program “Multiplica por la infancia”, whose goal is to raise resources in favor of education for kids in Africa.

Our Goal: To contribute to the improvement of eLearning, creating new paths to certification success.

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